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Pastors go high-tech

Pastor James Messer’s nieces and nephews left their favorite stuffed animals in the sanctuary Sunday so he would have an audience to preach to.

For some of the community’s ministers it was a unique experience live streaming their worship services Sunday.

For others it was old hat.

But regardless of their experience level, the ministers contacted by the Nocona News found it a successful experience – although to a man, and woman, they missed the personal, face-to-face interaction with their congregations.

“It’s funny, I was nervous about a church service for the first time in a long time,” admitted Dave Woodbury, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Nocona.

“I think it went well,” commented Donny Haywood, pastor of the First United Methodist Church. “It appears that a good number of people viewed it, and the response was positive.”

“Sunday was my first time to use social media, and it was a train wreck,” laughed Rev. Joe Caballero of the Montague County Cowboy Church. “I preached for 15 minutes before I realized it was not live LOL! I have it down now and is working much better,” he smiled.

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