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How to contact NISD faculty

While all of Nocona ISD’s school facilities are closed until at least April 10 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, if you have any questions please email either your child’s campus or the central office at the email address provided below.

Supt. Dr. David Waters noted to maintain the cleanliness of the buildings, there will very limited times staff will actually be on campus with maintenance staff working on the grounds on Mondays and custodial staff coming in on Wednesday to reclean the buildings once a week.

While staff members might be in campus offices briefly during the week, “We’ve created an email account for each campus, and the central office, so if they can’t get someone on the phone they can shoot an email to the campus and the principals will respond.”

In addition, this is how families can sign up for free breakfasts and lunches for their children.

District office email is

Nocona Elementary School email is nisdelementary@noconaisd.neet

Nocona Middle School email is

Nocona High School email is

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