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Fikrst of its kind skimmer found locally

Security technician shows Patrolman James Berry the unique skimmer found at Conoco One Stop last Thursday before removing it.

When it comes to cybercrime no merchant wants to be “the first” to fall victim to the latest wave of electronic thievery.

Thursday that burden fell on the sleepless shoulders of Chris Petty, owner of One Stop Conoco and Fuel World Thursday, as he heard words no businessman wants to hear from a technology security specialist stating he had never seen a credit card skimmer looking like that, and located where it was, deep within the electronics of the gas pump instead of behind the card reader.

For months Petty had heard reports from regular customers that their debit cards or credit card information had been compromised and used for unauthorized purchases at locations hundreds, if not thousands of miles away.

Only one of the eight pumps at One Stop had a skimmer as the technician checked, carefully.

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