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Court takes back deputy’s pay raises

MONTAGUE – Just four days after approving a second 5% pay raise for deputy sheriffs and commissioned officers in the Montague County Sheriff’s Department the Montague County Commissioner’s Court found itself taking away that raise because of unintended consequences.

In finalizing the proposed 2019-20 budget on Monday, Aug. 12, the court approved a second 5% pay raise for commissioned officers in that department.

Under the terms of the proposed budget, all county employees and officeholders will receive a 5% pay raise once the fiscal year begins on Oct. 1.

In an effort to retained quality deputies, as part of his 2019-20 budget requests Sheriff Marshal Thomas had asked the court to approve a second 5% pay raise.

The court approved the second 5% raise limiting it to the “commissioned law enforcement officers in the Sheriff’s Office” – the deputies, corporals, K-9 officer, sergeant, chief deputy and sheriff.

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