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Commissioners hold first reading on Subdivision Rules

By Tracy r. Mesler

MONTAGUE – The county commissioners court held the first reading on their proposed revisions to the county’s existing Subdivision Rules Monday.

While there are changes in several provisions in the rules regarding utilities, roads and other regulations designed to ensure safe development, the court’s proposal to increase the minimum acreage from 2 to 3 acres drew the only comments offered Monday.

Nocona driller Donald Cheshire addressed the court during its “public comment” portion of agenda.

“I pray that this court will reconsider some of y’alls subdivision rules,” Cheshire said specifically disagreeing with the proposal to increase the minimum acreage size from 2 acres to 3 if there is going to be both a septic system and a private water well.

To learn more about the proposed rules revisions see this week’s edition of The Nocona News.

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